AccelerateHER Camp with Girl Scouts

Camp Out of the Box

This camp, presented in partnership with Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, offers a hands-on experience for high school girls wanting to expand their STEM understanding. Flying pigs, design challenges and guest appearances by female STEM professionals create a fun, thought-provoking and confidence-boosting experience.

What to Expect from AccelerateHER Camp

Design Connect Create cultivates a culture where persistence is expected, curiosity is encouraged, risk is rewarded and creativity is applauded.

Activities include:

  • charting a path through a maze
  • calculating the speed of a flying pig
  • discovering the topology of a complex circuit
  • riding a hovercraft to understand the principles of momentum
  • creating experiments to chart velocity
  • using paint to understand the optics of light
  • participating in swimming, hiking, ropes, and archery
  • mentoring from leading industry experts and unique career exploration opportunities 

Get a Head Start

No pressure, just fun! You will form a deep understanding of fascinating physics concepts.

Field Trips

Visit a high-tech company and/or university engineering department.

Make Friends

Working with girls just like you, together you'll solve cool problems.

Design Connect Create

Guest Speakers

Learn about STEM careers from amazing women and build confidence to advance in science.

Explore STEM Careers

Explore high-demand, high-wage and exciting STEM careers

Experiential Fun

Through interactive and engaging activities, you'll have fun and learn, too!

How to register

Verify Eligibility

This is a girls only camp, best for students who have not yet taken physics. Also, you must be a Girl Scout to register. Not a Girl Scout already? Not a Girl Scout? That's okay! Join today for only $35.

Submit Application

Working with a guardian, click the "Register Now" button and start the process. Select the camp called "From Newton to Nanotechnology: Electricity, Light, Motion & Forces" (STEM-RC-W5).  

Mark Your Calendar

Save the date on your calendar and your guardian's! Also, make sure that you look out for emails or texts from us with critical information between now and the summer.

Invite Your Friends to Apply

Camp is better with friends! Encourage your classmates and friends to apply so that we can serve more girls like you!

Hear from past campers about how much they enjoy Design Connect Create Camps. 

Check out our camp highlight videos to see what sort of fun you’ll have while learning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although age is one factor in readiness for Resident Camp, a child’s maturity level and personality can be more important indicators. Talk to your child before registering her. If she is enthusiastic about attending, then she will probably enjoy camp. The following questions may help in determining readiness for Resident Camp:

  • Has your girl ever been away from home for more than one night without family members? Will she feel comfortable sleeping in living quarters separate from the counselors?
  • Can she take care of her own basic hygiene needs such as showering, toileting, and brushing her teeth without assistance?
  • Can she keep up with her personal belongings?
  • Can she cope with unfamiliar people, new places, and group schedules?
  • Does she enjoy making new friends?
  • Does she like group situations?

Parents and guardians sometimes have a difficult time sending their girls to resident camp. Asking yourself the following questions may help in your decision making:

  • Can you relax and enjoy yourself while your girl is at resident camp?
  • Are you prepared to be away from your girl for several days and not be able to talk to her on the phone?
  • Are you confident in your girl’s ability to care for herself, make her bed and keep track of her belongings?
  • Do you believe that camp provides girls with a fun and rewarding experience that builds self-worth and independence?
    • Are you willing to trust camp staff with the care of your girl?

Yes! All of our camps invite girls, even if they are not active in a Girl Scout troop during the school year. However, you will need to register you camper as a Girl Scout member for insurance purposes prior to registering for a camp session. This is a $35 fee and will cover her GSUSA membership until September 30, 2020. You can contact our Customer Care team at (972) 349-2403 or for more information.

Although this is the STEM Center, we do not permit personal electronic devices at camp. With the programs we have planned there will be many times where we will use various types of technology such as computers, iPads, tablets, etc. for program elements. We do not want personal devices at camp as they can easily be lost or damaged in the camp environment. Cell phones, cell watches, computers, iPods, tablets, e-readers, etc. are not permitted at camp for any reason. If an electronic device is brought to camp, it will be immediately taken by staff and will not be returned until the camper is picked up. The camp, staff members, and GSNETX are not liable for the loss of, or damage to, any electronic or technology device brought to camp in non-compliance with the camp policy of no electronic or technology devices permitted.

Visitors are not allowed at camp.

Medications need to be in original containers, prescribed specifically for the camper, and must not be expired or expire while at camp. We will assist campers who need regular medication on a set schedule. Campers that occasionally need treatment such as medication for a headache, allergies, or lactose intolerance will need to be able to communicate to staff that they need this medication or it will not be given to them. The camp carries select over-the-counter medication that parents may authorize the camp to administer on the release form. Medications will not be dispensed in any manner other than what is specified on the label without written instruction from a physician.

*Please note a Medical Screening is required upon check-in to include head, foot, and temperature checks.

All girls are expected to live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law while at camp. The Camp Director and staff will do everything possible to help girls adjust to camp life. However, GSNETX reserves the right to send home from camp any girl who consistently exhibits unsuitable behavior or endangers the camp community, or whose actions towards others are unacceptable. The girl’s parents/guardians are responsible for picking her up in this case, and there will be no refund for camp fees or travel costs.

Please include your camper in the decision-making process so that she is aware of the length of stay. Do not promise her she can call or come home early if she does not like camp in the first couple of days. We will work with your camper to help her adjust.

However, if she refuses to eat, stay adequately hydrated, or cannot adjust to camp life after 48 hours, she will need to be picked up. Refunds are not provided if a camper is picked up due to homesickness.


We still have a great time at resident camp even when it’s hot outside! We encourage the girls to drink plenty of water, refill their water bottles regularly with cold water, and have designated locations at camp with air conditioning that we can do certain activities in when it gets really hot. Please note that even though girls spend some time in air conditioning, a portion of their day is spent outside at camp. Please encourage your Girl Scout to spend increasing amounts of time outside prior to arriving at camp so that being in the heat is not a total surprise for her.

Letters may be left in a designated location at check-in for the camp staff to deliver during the week. (Mail is distributed to girls once a day.) Please focus messages on the positives of camp: friendship, new experiences/stories, new foods, etc. Families may also register for free at Bunk1 to view pictures of what’s happening at camp. For an optional, low-cost fee, you can purchase prints of those pictures and/or send “Bunk Notes” to your camper!

No. Campers are not provided phone access while at camp, as this distracts from the camp experience. If there is an emergency with your child, a member of the camp administrative staff will contact you. Camp contact information is provided in the parent guide in case you need to contact the camp.

Most meals are prepared by food service personnel and served in the dining hall. Snacks are provided at designated times. During some sessions, girls will have the opportunity to participate in cookouts. Parents/guardians of girls with special dietary needs (vegetarian, kosher, halal, etc.) should list that information on the Camper Information section in CampDoc and contact two weeks before her session to confirm that we can adequately meet her dietary needs.


At Girl Scout camp, girls are active members of our camp community and are assigned daily tidiness actions, known as kapers. Kapers may include activities such as picking up trash, collecting firewood, sweeping common areas, and setting the table. In addition, girls are expected to keep their personal items picked up in their living area.

Yes! Each session description lists a Girl Scout recognition, such as a badge or journey, that will be a focus for the session and activities will be planned around it. Friendly staff members at any GSNETX shop will be able to assist you if you need to purchase recognitions for items completed at camp. To help her remember her time at camp, she will receive a camp-specific patch on Friday.

Yes, your daughter may request a buddy. 

  1. Buddy requests should be made in the CampDoc online form.
  2. Only one buddy may be requested. In order for a buddy request to be granted, both girls must request each other on their online CampDoc form. If one girl requests a different person as her buddy, the girls will not be placed together.
  3. Spell your buddy’s full name correctly on the form.
  4. Make sure both buddies are already registered for same camp session.

The Camp Director has the final authority to house campers at her discretion. Registering for the same session does not mean that all girls from the same troop will be placed in the same cabin. No more than four girls from a Girl Scout troop will be placed in the same cabin within a camp session. Camp sessions (including deposits) WILL NOT be refundable due to a buddy’s cancellation or disqualification at check-in.

To cancel your camper’s registration, you must email as soon as possible. The camp fee (minus a $100 cancellation fee for resident camp) will be refunded if cancellation is received by GSNETX at least 30 days before camp session start date.