Host a Physics Camp

Just for Girls

The camp is designed for girls who will be taking their first physics course in the following fall semester. There is no academic requirement otherwise.

Women earn a fraction of STEM degrees and represent an even smaller portion of the workforce in most STEM disciplines, including engineering, physics, and computer science. Read more here.

Two Week Day Camp

Through interactive and engaging activities, students learn fascinating physics concepts, and gain a head start. We focus on building a strong STEM self-efficacy.

Our curriculum was designed by a team of expert and award winning high school physics educators. Since our first camp in 2003, we’ve continued to fine-tune and improve our program. 

Two Field Trips

On both Fridays of the camp, we explore a local STEM-based company, take an interactive university tour, or enjoy fun STEM activities at an offsite location.

Some examples of places we’ve visited are Texas Instruments, AT&T, Raytheon, Texas Department of Transportation, UT Arlington, Girl Scouts STEM Center of Excellence.

Guest Speakers

Role models are so important in career exploration, and so we invite amazing women to share their STEM stories on Tuesdays and Thursdays before lunch.

We are always seeking more volunteer guest speakers and role models. Sign-up here.

Who does what?

DCC Responsibilities

  • Design and deliver curriculum
  • Provide most camp materials
  • Hire excellent instructors and assistants
  • Manage all communications with registrants/guardians
  • Manage registration
  • Conduct Pre/Post Surveys
  • Coordinate field trips and transportation to location
  • Conduct background checks on all camp staff
  • Provide marketing tools/flyers

Host Responsibilities

  • Recruit and assist 25-45 qualified girls in registration
  • Recruit one physics teacher to become a trained and paid instructor
  • Provide a single point of contact for coordination
  • Provide 2 classrooms, 1 storage room/closet that can be locked
  • Provide meals in the school cafeteria (if possible)
  • Provide busing to/from camp each day (if possible)
  • Provide some equipment like graphing calculators, set of laptops or ipads, and other basic readily-available supplies.

How much does it cost?

Access is our number 1 priority, and thus we aim to eliminate as many barriers as possible for student participation. We have three models of funding for camps:

For a DCC grant funded camp, every student attends on full scholarship – a $650 value, and we aim for 25-45 students. Because of generous donors, we are able to host most of our camps in partnership with school districts for no out of pocket expense to the district. The actual cost of each physics camp is $25K-30K.

Apply for a 2020 grant >>

Depending on the location of the camp, on average, a camp for up to 25 students costs $25,000, and a camp for up to 45 students costs $30,000. If you were to provide some or all of the staff, that would trim costs. In addition, if you were to coordinate student meals and bussing on your own, that would also trim costs.  Contact us if you are interested in funding your own camp. 

A participant funded camp is a derivative of a host funded camp. You would invest funds in the camp, and then you may choose to charge a registration fee to recoup costs. Contact us if you would like to discuss hosting a camp. 

Caitlyn Jolley - Grand Prairie, TX

I believe the Design Connect Create physics camp has made a world of difference for my students. Not only do they have a background knowledge going into new concepts, but they’re excited to put to use some of the things they learned at physics camp! Students like to feel like they already know what’s coming, and physics camp provided an amazing way for my students to feel prepared and on top of the coming year in my class!

Caitlyn Jolley


Young Women's Leadership Academy, Grand Prairie ISD, Texas