STEM Camps and Mentoring

AccelerateHER Physics Camp

This summer day camp is an immersive experience for high school girls.  Flying pigs, design challenges and guest appearances by female STEM professionals create a fun, thought-provoking and confidence-boosting experience for girls.  

Experiential Fun

No pressure, just fun! You will form a deep understanding of motion.

Design Challenges

Collaborate with friends to build creative solutions.

Girl Power Talks

Learn tools that help you gain confidence being a girl in a STEM world.

STEM Professionals

Hear from females about their journey to their career and how they are making the world a better place.

CodeHER Coding Camp

This one-week virtual camp is a fun and experiential way to learn the basics of computer science and its endless possible applications. Create your own game, solve puzzles, build a website and learn from STEM professionals. 

Experiential Fun

Through interactive and engaging activities, you'll learn Javascript.

Project-based Designs

Computer science will open your world to endless possibilities.

Solve 3-D Puzzles

Learn the algorithms that enable you to solve the Rubics cube.

Tech Professionals

Learn what it's like to be a women working in the world of technology.

Our Program Model

  • We partner with school districts who are often under-resourced.  They help us recruit their girls to be camp participants and their teachers to be camp instructors.  They provide space for the camps to be held at their schools.
  • We partner with STEM companies to provide guest speakers and host field trips to inspire the campers to believe they can reach their full potential.