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We love our supporters! For 2019, we've got some super special swag to show our appreciation. Have a peak!

This year, we will be providing special thank you gifts to donors and volunteers. Here’s the breakdown!


  • Give $250 or more, and we will send you a coffee mug.
  • Give $500 or more, and we will send you a coffee mug and a cotton bag. 
  • Give $5000 or more, and we will send you a swag bag of all the cool things we have, plus we will feature you on our website and social media. 


  • Guest speakers at our camps will receive a DCC coffee mug. 
  • Volunteers who support us with their time on other projects can receive their selection of swag items. 
  • Find a project you can help us with here
Meagan Pollock, PhD

Meagan Pollock, PhD

Meagan is the Executive Director of Design Connect Create. An engineer turned educator, Meagan is also an international speaker and teacher on educational equity. Meagan enjoys helping educators improve their practice, inspiring students to pursue their dreams, and working to make the world a better place.

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Our mission is to empower young women to be successful in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses in order to close the gender gap in STEM careers.

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